Monday, 13 March 2017


Escape within yourself sometimes,
leaving behind your love and care
 for heartless people
your promises and commitments for selfish world.
To discover, explore and unveil your forte
Run away within yourself sometimes.

Cry your eyes out sometimes.
For tears are invincible and obstinate.
If not gushed out, they make hearts heavy and eyes misty.
Have bouts of laughter sometimes,
to scare away the impediments of your life
Bottled-up emotions are malicious always. So,
Let the feelings flow sometimes.

Fall hard and taste failure sometimes.
Bitter it may be, but a great pedagogue it is.
Teaching and chiding you along the way,
it will hold your hand
till the threshold of success. So, you just have to
Rise always and fall sometimes. 

Friday, 17 February 2017


She was soaring high, up and above 
in the sky. 
Just then, the bitter failure, envious of her glitter,
of her sparkle and shine, tip-toed in her life. 
Stealing away the light, darkness conquered her bright days,
breaking her into smithereens
and shattering the dreams she had to chase.

The time was no less than a nerve-racking nightmare.
Thousands of quandaries flitted through 
the labyrinth of her mind. 
And the world, unfortunately was blind
to see the chaos she had turned into.
With misted eyes and heart clad in abysmal despair
she had nowhere to go,
since the path to victory seemed to disappear.

For people around, she was the talk of the town.
Behind their concerns, opinions and help
was a hidden taunt. 
They laughed and mocked her, they kicked and pushed her,
draining every drop of composure,
merely left in her.

Confinement embraced her and solitude gifted her the love
 of words, which strengthened overtime. 
Books and writing became bliss to her.
Broken she was, now mended she is
and a writer is born within.
She is treading on a different path but, is not lost.
For one day, she will emerge again out of the chaos
to create magic with her words.😊

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Screaming and squirming, he was born to the couple. Couple, they were for the world. Foes, they were to each other. Every other day, they slipped into a scuffle which sometimes lasted for whole day while the new born slept peacefully, incognizant of his mother's weeping. 

Some years passed and at the age of nine, the child's world was bliss to him with ecstasy all around. But, his parents flummoxed him because there relationship was still a blend of arguments and misunderstandings. While they fought, he just stood there, observing his father berating his mother, who just wailed all night. The reason of their contempt was beyond his understanding. But, a broad smile on his mother's face back in the morning would make him believe that everything was normal. 

The family waded through another ten years. Nothing changed except their ages. Their son touched maturity and understood what he did not as an immature. But, surprisingly, he was not bothered at all. To see his father shouting and sometimes slapping his mother and to listen to her whimpering was a routine to him. 'Normal', it was to him. 

Before he could spot a crestfallen soul behind his mother's smile, he had miscontrued the concept of family. He began to believe in his father's way of running a family. While he observed his parents and registered in his mind this wrong concept, there was no one to show him the right path.

His parents had unknowingly rubbed off their values on him. It was not long before he began ruining his own family life. 

Friday, 3 February 2017


I smile widely and my eyes gleam, 
every time I see you, lying on my shelf.
You will stay with me forever, holding my hand it seems,
Unlike humans.
 Deceitful they are, clever they are.
They come and go,
like a flickering light
breaking hearts and promises once made.
But, I know, you are here to keep up my might.
As I skim through your pages,
I embrace you tightly to never let you go.
You are a pot teeming with words.
Wise and beautiful words
that flow within me and are engraved in my heart.
But, so different are humans from you.
Their words so hideous, so harsh.
Every time my watch points towards painful hours,
you lift me up with exemplary ideas.
My happiness doubles and my sorrows are halved around you.
Through all the vicissitudes of my life,
I find your shadow lingering behind.
But, my failures are success to humans
and my ecstasy, enviable to them.
So different are humans from you, dear books
and that is why, I will keep on loving you
till the end,
my dearest best friend!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Ravi Subramanian is the master storyteller of financial crime and the winner of many awards for his work. 'The Bankster' is the first Subramanian's book that I read recently and I was blown away by the storyline. After reading this absolutely thrilling novel, you will find asking yourself, "Should I really trust these bankers who claim to keep my money safe?' because the author has put the "bad" side of them in an upfront.

The plot revolves around the two central characters- Krishna Menon and Karan Punjabi. While the former is completely distraught by the death of his son in nuclear blast and is adamant to prevent any such further accidents, the latter who is an ex-banker and a press reporter is baffled by chain of deaths of a bank's employees.

Menon, while protesting for the safety of people from nuclear plants and Punjabi, while delving into the mysterious deaths of employees come across a global conspiracy and a biggest scam ever. So, Menon struggles to find the master mind of this whole scam.

The book gives you moments of awe and surprise intermittently. The story starts slowly and therefore, I found it boring but only in the first few chapters. In the beginning, it seems that the chapters are not interlinked and that you are reading two stories simultaneously. But, gradually the secret unearths and everything fits together. You need to have patience while reading this book.

All over, I felt that the storyline is unique and fresh. The characters and the description of situations are up to the mark. It could be read if you love suspense and crime fiction.

If you happen to read 'The Bankster', do share your thoughts on this book.😊

Friday, 20 January 2017


In the chilly mornings,
the alarm clock rings,
breaking your dreams into bits 
and waking you to assemble those pieces in reality.
But, when you choose 
to stay under the covers
and when you refuse to follow 
the arduous trajectory,
Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.

In the ocean of life, you swim
and swim into the oblivion to reach the end. 
The end or the victory is far, invisible but, it is there.
The journey is daunting and you start
with a heart brimming with aplomb.
But, when a huge wave
throws you hard, back in deep waters
and you choose not to be brave
to start again and create history
Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.

On the path of success,
you start as a caterpillar and end 
as a beautiful butterfly.
But, if you choose to remain cocooned 
and refuse to accept change, you die.
If stepping out of your protective shell
makes you feel jittery,
Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.

Friday, 6 January 2017


As the mother cooked various lip-smacking dishes, sweat dripped from her forehead intermittently. But, she had no time to wipe it. Outside the kitchen, the drawing room was decked up with marigold flowers, rendering a beautiful look to their otherwise spartan place. The father was on the heels of their servant, ensuring that every speck of dust is cleared. Boxes of sweets were brought in with family members flitting around the house leading to utmost chaos and confusion.

Well! It was a red letter day for their daughter since a family was coming to see her with a marriage proposal. Slight nervousness could be seen on each of their faces. Everyone was meticulous enough to make everything look perfect since they had a fear of being judged!

So, an hour later, the guests arrived. From the threshold itself, their eyes began wandering to find some flaws. They all sat in the drawing room and the mother arranged delectable delicacies she had prepared on the table. While the guests had a broad smile on their faces, thousands of judgemental thoughts were spinning in their minds. 'Marigold flowers? How dull', 'So tasteless dishes', 'The house is so conjusted', ' and what not! 

Then, the daughter entered, wearing a simple saari and jewelry she could arrange from her salary holding a tray of tea cups in her hands. The boy's family examined her closely as if she was a showpiece they wanted to buy. Again, a flurry of thoughts crossed their minds. 

'She is dark. Not suitable for us', 'The tea is sugarless. She is not a great cook', 'No heavy jewelry. They are so poor' and upon knowing that she was not well-versed with the english language the girl was labelled as uneducated. Obviously she was rejected, leaving her parents shattered.

The newspaper of the following day was filled with the daughter's photos. Defying the judgements the society implicated on her, she had become an IAS officer. 

Looks certainly are deceptive! 😊

Saturday, 31 December 2016


 When rage grips you,
when misery hugs you, 
 the lid of brusqueness breaks apart 
and filthy words ooze out.
 They travel through your bones scouring 
for an opening,
 and since kindness doesn't obstruct them,
they are easily blurted out.

 Vicious words, falling on the ears of people around
seem bitter pill to swallow.
 Still they devour,
slackening the threads of relationships,
rendereing your friendship 
nothing but hollow.

But, when the fury leaves your hand,
when your saner part
 takes a hold, you cognize your mistake.
Beseeching the words
 to come back,
you realize that words once spoken
 cannot be retreated and ties
once broken, 
cannot be treated.

Friday, 23 December 2016


Twinkle Khanna, who managed to tickle your funny bone with her bestselling book, 'Mrs Funnybones', is back with her new book, 'The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad'. While her debut book gave you fun-filled moments and made you burst into fits of laughter, in her next work, Khanna has delved deep into our system and has jotted down the loopholes very eloquently, convincing us at the same time to rethink on our notions and beliefs.

The first story revolves around a young girl, Lakshmi Prasad, who witnessed the burden of two daughters on her parents and came up with a revolutionary idea that made women a blessing, not a curse. 

While the second story is a love story of two aged people and how they unite without caring for the society. The third one is about a girl, Elisa struggling to break the notion,"Without marriage, girls are useless" and the last story shows how a determined man, Bablu Kewat despite being ostracized, goes on to manufacture low cost sanitary pads.

While all the stories had interesting plots, I found the third one a litttle obscure and diverged from the main topic. I liked the writing style a lot. While the stories with a serious message particularly about women can sometimes be banal but, here the author is not drumming the messages into the readers head to make them feel burdened and giddy. The language is light and there are bits of humour too, enough to make you smile.

The characters, the events, the places were well described and were congruent with the gist of the book. The author has been meticulous, giving minute details making it easier for the reader to imagine the scene. While reading, I never lost interest in the midway. 

If you are in a mood to read short stories with a tinge of humour and sarcasm, 'The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad' is perfect for you! 

Monday, 19 December 2016


The sun climbed over the skyline. The rays streaming through the window, fell gently on Amit's face, disturbing him from deep sleep. After much wallowing in bed, he finally got up, already exhausted from the thought of going to a business party.

 But, his despair melted down as he saw a huge shelf thrusted with books. His eyes gleamed and a wide smile, symbolising his love for books, flashed on his face, pushing away the sorrow. 

An hour later, Amit was all decked up, dressed up to the nines, sporting an immaculate black tuxedo, that he had apparently bought from his hard-earned money just to impress everyone. He looked in the mirror. Everything was perfect but, one thing was missing- the mask!

 As soon as he put it on, he turned into the Amit of the people. The introvert and 'not a party lover' turned into a gregarious and a party person. The 'book lover' turned into the one who would say, "Books? How boring!".

So, there Amit was at the party. Smiling and nodding at the guests, calm and poised while his true self, hidden deep within him was feeling just the opposite. It seemed as if the real Amit was scuffling with the fake one to let him come to the surface.

Moments later, this argument was getting serious. Amit was feeling uneasy. He felt his books shouting for him. They are berating him for leaving them alone. He wanted to get back then and there. He wanted to break the mask off but couldn't as he wanted to please people too.

Finally, he was able to weather the storm. After draining all the inner peace and acting as a sophisticated Amit, he returned home, threw his mask off and sprawled on the bed. He felt he was born again, as if he had been released from the prison after years. All the burden faded away and at last he was actually at peace as he laid on the bed with a book in his hand.

After revitalizing, he got up, kept the book back on the shelf, picked up the mask that he had thrown and kept it safely in his wadrobe for it had to be worn the next day!